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Valencia Spain Weather: Guide to Average Weather Conditions in Valencia City, Spain

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This page will provide you with a short description of the weather conditions in Valencia, plus a link to the five day forecast in Valencia.

Valencia's weather throughout the year

- Valencia enjoys a mild temperate Mediterranean climate.
- The average annual temperature is 17ºC with warm summers and mild winters.
- The temperature in Valencia rarely falls below 10ºC.
- There is only light rainfall mainly in autumn and the beginning of spring.

Tip If you are not a fan of really hot weather, it is best to avoid Valencia in August. Like most Spanish cities, August is the month when lots of the locals leave town to head to somewhere relaxing for the hottest month of the year.

Average monthly temperatures in Valencia:


Daily Minimum
(degrees Celsius)
Daily Maximum
(degrees Celsius)
January 7 16.1
February 7.9 17.2
March 9 18.7
April 10.8 20.2
May 14.1 22.8
June 17.9 26.2
July 20.8 29.1
August 21.4 29.6
September 18.6 27.6
October 14.5 23.6
November 10.4 19.5
December 8.1 16.8

This chart is provided care of the World Meteorological Organisation.

What are the best months to visit Valencia?

As you can see from the above table the weather in Valencia is pleasant throughout the year. Depending on what type of traveller you are different months of the years are likely to appeal for a holiday. If you love basking in the sunshine then its best to head to Valencia between May and September. However, it is important to remember that the sun can get fairly oppressive in these months (particularly in August), making sightseeing slightly more difficult. However, it is the perfect time to come if you fancy spending lots of time on the beach. During these months you will need to pack lots of cool clothing options such as shorts, skirts and sandals (and a bikini/ trunks if you plan on hitting the beach).

It is also worth noting that lots of locals will leave Valencia in August and head away for their holidays due to the heat. This means that you will find some shops, bars and restaurants are not open during this period.

If you prefer milder weather it is best to head to Valencia between October and April. You will note from the chart above that even in December temperatures only go as low as 8.1 degrees Celsius. This means that during the period you will need to pack some jumpers and a jacket, but you should still find it pleasant to stroll around the city.

Rainfall is rare in Valencia so you can organise outdoor activities safe in the knowledge that is unlikely that rain will scupper your plans. During the winter it's always worth bringing an umbrella just in case though!

Valencia five day forecast

For an up to the minute guide to the weather each day in Valencia, see our Valencia Daily Weather Guide. Here you will be able to find out the current weather conditions in Valencia. You will also be able to find a five-day forecast for the weather on the days that lie ahead.

If you are looking for somewhere to head where the weather is guaranteed to be good, without getting too hot or too cold, Valencia is a first-class option.

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