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Valencia Transport: Guide to The Transport Options in Valencia City, Spain

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Valencia is a relatively small city. However, if you are only visiting for a short period, public transport could be a convenient tool for seeing much of the city in a limited time.

This page will provide you with an overview to the transport options in Valencia: buses, metro, taxis, car hire, tourist bus, walking and trams. It will provide links to more detailed pages and give details on locations, prices, contact details and journey times. It will also compare the transport options - giving you the chance to weigh up the options and find the one best suited to you.

Buses in Valencia City

Taking buses around Valencia will offer you the opportunity to get around the city whilst seeing the sights as you travel. It is important to remember that when you are taking the bus you will need to be reasonably independent - you will not necessarily know when you need to get off the bus so it can be more intimidating than catching the metro.

If you decide to travel by bus, it is worth considering buying combined tickets that will allow you to take the bus as well as the tram and the metro (see below for more details). The options include the Valencia tourist card or the Integrated Transport Ticket.

Bus ticket prices:
Single journey: €1.50
Valencia Card: For full details, see our Valencia Tourist Card page.
Integrated Transport Ticket: For the various combined ticket options, see our Valencia Metro page.

Bus routes: Bus routes link

Web: Official EMT Bus company website

The Metro system (underground / subway system) in Valencia City

Valencia's underground system is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get around the city. It is a comfortable way to travel in the summer as there is air conditioning in the carriages.

For full details of the Metro system in Valencia, including ticket options, ticket prices, journey times and a link to the metro map, see our Guide to the Valencia Metro.

Getting taxis in Valencia City centre

Taxis outside Estació Nord in Valencia
Taxis outside Estació Nord in Valencia

Throughout Valencia you will see taxis that you can hail to take you quickly and conveniently around the city. This is more expensive than using public transport. However, it is a useful way to get to your destination in a city that you don't know well.

If you would like to book a taxi in advance, you can do this by calling up one of the taxi companies that are available in Valencia.

Taxi contact details: Contact page for taxis on the Valencia Turisme website

Car hire in Valencia

There are car hire companies to be found in both the airport and main train station (Estacio Nord) in Valencia. If you only plan on staying in Valencia city you are unlikely to require a car for your stay - it's a small city and the public transport is good. However, a hire car could be useful if you are planning some excursions to the area surrounding Valencia.

For full details on hire cars in Valencia, including contact details, location, prices and how to book, see our page on Car Hire in Valencia.

Catching the tourist bus around Valencia city centre

Valencia Tourist Bus
Valencia tourist bus

If you are only staying in Valencia for a day or two, the hop on hop off tourist bus can be a fun and convenient way to see the important tourist spots in the city. You can treat it as a full tour and do the whole route in one go. Or you can use it like a normal means of transport, going to places that you would like to visit, getting off the bus, and then getting back on the next one when it comes along. The Valencia tourist bus is an option for you if you favour a full Valencia tourist experience over expedience.

For full details of the Valencia tourist bus, including prices, running times, where to buy tickets and where it travels to, see our Guide to the Valencia Tourist Bus.

Trams in Valencia

Tram ticket
Tram ticket

There will be parts of Valencia that you cannot reach by metro. For these occasions there is generally a tram that takes its place.

If you buy one of Valencia's combined ticket options that also cover buses and the metro, you will also be able to travel on the trams.

Ticket prices:
Single journey: €1.50

Valencia Card: For full details, see our Valencia Tourist Card page.

Integrated Transport Ticket: For the various combined ticket options, see our Valencia Metro page.

Walking around Valencia

If you have some time on your hands, there's no better way to get around Valencia than by walking. It will give you the opportunity to really take in your surroundings. You can take a walk around the old town or even head down the reconstructed river bed to the City of Art and Sciences and the beach. Valencia is a relatively small city, so if you have the time, make the most of your break and take a relaxing stroll.

Valencia offers a generous helping of fast, reliable and affordable transport options. Before your trip, weigh up the different options and pick the methods of getting around that are best suited to you.

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