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Trains at Valencia Train Station: Train Options at Estació Nord Train Station in Valencia, Spain

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Estació del Nord train station
Estació del Nord train station
On arriving at Valencia's main train station - Estació Nord, you may find it confusing to work out which train you need to catch and where to buy your tickets from. Depending on where you are travelling to and how far the journey is, you will have to buy your tickets from different points in the station. Tickets can be purchased online, via telephone, from ticket machines or from ticket booths. It will depend on the sort of journey that you are taking as to whether all ticket purchase options will be available to you.

This page explains each different ticket option available for trains from Estació Nord train station in Valencia. It then explains the different purchase options available for this type of ticket. It provides the ticket line contact details, the official web address for online purchases, location and opening times of ticket booths and how to use ticket machines.

Tip Remember, there is also an Estació Nord in Barcelona. However, the station in Barcelona is a bus station. Therefore, throughout this page, when we refer to Estació Nord we are referring to the train station in Valencia.

Ticket options for tickets at Estació Nord Station

Lobby of Estació del Nord
Lobby of Estació del Nord

Cercanias train tickets

Cercanias train tickets are for journeys in Valencia and in the areas surrounding Valencia. They are the local trains.

Media Distancia train tickets

Media Distancia train tickets are those that cover trains travelling throughout the province of Valencia.

Larga Distancia train tickets

Large Distancia tickets are those that cover trains that cover the whole of Spain and Europe. These will include the AVE (high speed train that goes from Madrid to Valencia).

Tip With the Larga Distancia trains, whether you are booking via telephone, internet or at the station, you should try to book as far in advance as possible. It is necessary to book a seat as once the seats on the train are sold out, no extra tickets will be sold. Renfe advise that you book at least two weeks in advance. This is especially important during the summer months, Easter and Christmas.

Telephone ticket purchases for Valencia Estació Nord train station

Tel (Renfe ticket line):+34 91 232 0320

Only Media Distancia and Larga Distancia tickets can be purchased via telephone. If you book your tickets over the telephone, you can print the tickets from special machines that are dotted around the station or print them off at home once you receive a confirmation e-mail.

Internet ticket purchases for Valencia Estació Nord train station

Web: Official Renfe Website

Internet purchase can also only be made for Media Distancia and Larga Distancia tickets. You can purchase online using a debit or credit card. Once you have made the purchase it will be necessary to print out your ticket and bring this with you when you are boarding the train.

Tip The website is in Spanish, however, at the top left hand corner of the screen you will see 'Welcome' written in different languages. Click on the language that you need - the page will appear in English or French.

Ticket machine ticket purchases for Valencia Estació Nord train station

Renfe Ticket Machine
Renfe Ticket Machine
Cercanias and Media Distancia Ticket Machines

It is only possible to buy tickets for the local Cercanias and Media Distancia trains from ticket machines. You will find the majority of the machines at the front of the station - against the wall that sits opposite the ticket booths in the lobby of the station building. The machines are larger than the ones for printing long distance tickets (see above) and are red and grey. You can pay at the machines using cash, credit or debit cards. You can also buy more than one ticket in one go.

On-the-day ticket booth ticket purchases for Valencia Estació Nord train station

Cercanias ticket booths
Cercanias ticket booths
Cercanias ticket booths

These are located at numbers 1- 8 of the ticket booths in the station. On entering the building you will find them in the front lobby area directly in front of you. They are the old and wooden smallest ticket booths that are at the centre of the building.

It is not possible to buy Cercanias or Media Distancia advance tickets at the station. Therefore, you will have to wait until the day to make your purchase at the station. If there are long queues at the ticket booths, it is worth using the ticket machines (see above) to buy your tickets.

Opening Times of Cercanias and Media Distancia booths:
Monday - Friday: 05:20 - 22:35
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 06:05 - 22:35

Media and Larga Distancia ticket booth

Media and Larga Distancia ticket booths
Media and Larga Distancia ticket booths

These are located at numbers 9 and 10 of the ticket booths (to the left of the Cercanias ticket booths).

As mentioned above, if you wait until the day of the journey to book a long distance train journey, you risk the train being sold out. If possible, it is best to book your ticket in advance or check availability online before heading to the station.

Opening Times of Media and Larga Distancia booths:
Monday - Sunday: 08:45 - 22:10

Advance ticket booth ticket purchases for Valencia Estació Nord train station

Advance ticket sales desks
Advance ticket sales desks

It is not possible to buy Cercanias tickets in advance. You will need to buy these tickets on the date of travel. You will not encounter any problems with this - it is not necessary to book a seat on these trains so they do not sell out.

However, if you are making a long distance journey, you can buy your ticket at the station ahead of the day on which you plan to travel. To do this, you will need to head to the room to your left as you enter the station building. The room is separate from the main station lobby as it is separated by glass doors and walls. You will see 'Venta Anticipada' (advanced purchase) on the doors of the room.

In this room you will find eight ticket booths all selling advanced tickets. You will normally have to queue for tickets as it gets busy. At busy times you may find yourself waiting for an hour or more. It is therefore advisable to buy your tickets in advance to avoid missing the train you want on the day. On entering the room, collect a ticket from a machine at the front centre of the room. This will have your number on it. A large display board with numbers on shows you what number the ticket sellers have reached. Wait until your number appears and then go to purchase your tickets from the corresponding ticket booth.

Opening Times of Advanced Ticket Booths:
Monday - Sunday: 08:30 - 20:30

If you are in Valencia and want to make a short day trip to somewhere close by, you should have no trouble in simply arriving at the station and purchasing a ticket on the day that you wish to travel. If you are not sure where to purchase tickets or what train you should be catching, you can ask at the information desk (see our Guide to the Facilities at Estacio Nord for the location and opening times).

If you are planning a trip around Spain or Europe, you should aim for more forward planning. If possible, it is probably easiest and quickest to do all of your long distance ticket purchasing online before your trip. If you plan on buying tickets from the station, you will need to schedule yourself in with some time to do this. You will also need to go to the station with a few options for dates, incase you find the date you require is already sold out.

Car Parking Near Valencia Train Station

Car Park Name Address Approximate Walking Distance to Car Park in Meters
SABA Estación Valencia - Joaquín Sorolla Carrer San Vicente Mártir, 171 60 m
LUBASA Jerónimo Muñoz Carrer de Jerónimo Muñoz s/n 360 m
LUBASA Navarro Llorens Carrer del Pintor Navarro Llorens, s/n 600 m
SABA Estación Valencia Nord Carrer Xàtiva, 24 780 m
Abastos Carrer Heroe Romeu, 2 840 m

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