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Madrid to Valencia Transport: Guide to Getting from Madrid to Valencia City, Spain

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Bridge to Valencia Airport
Bridge to Valencia Airport

There are a variety of options for travelling from Madrid to Valencia: train, coach, plane and driving. All of these options have their pros and cons. Before deciding which mode of transport to take, it is worth considering the different factors: how much money do you want to spend on travelling, how much time do you have to make the journey and what part of Valencia would you like to be in on your arrival? Once you have considered all of these criteria, it will be easier to decide which mode of transport is best for you.

This page will provide you with details that you need to travel from Madrid to Valencia by train, coach, plane or car. You will find journey times, ticket prices, how to buy tickets and timetable information. You will also find full driving instructions from Madrid city centre to Valencia city centre.

Madrid to Valencia by Plane

It is possible to catch a plane from Madrid Airport to Valencia Airport.

There are lots of of flight companies operating between Madrid and Valencia. These change on a regular basis, so to check what airlines are flying from Madrid to Valencia at the time that you are looking for flights, see our Guide to Flights from Madrid Airport.

Trains from Madrid to Valencia

Estació Nord train station in Valencia
Estació Nord train station in Valencia

There are trains that leave regularly from Madrid-Chamartin train station and head to Valencia's Estació Nord train station.

Train journey length from Valencia to Madrid:
Train journey times vary depending on what type of train you get. If you travel on one of the Alaris trains (the most common train option between Madrid and Valencia) the journey will take approximately 3 hours 45 minutes. However, you can also take a regional train (leaving from Madrid Atocha) and this journey will take approximately 6 hours.

For full details of the train timetable from Madrid to Valencia it is best to check the Official Renfe website, as train times are subject to change.

How to book train tickets from Madrid to Valencia:
You will be able to buy train tickets:

  • At the station
  • Via telephone
  • On the internet

For full details on buying tickets for the train, see our Guide to Trains and Ticketing at Valencia Station.

Ticket prices: the price of your train ticket will vary depending on what type of train you are getting. When looking on the Renfe website (see link above) for train times, you will also be able to see the prices by clicking on 'Consultar y comprar'.

Madrid train station:
Madrid Chamartin
Carrer de Agustin de Foxa
28036 Madrid, España.

Car hire at Estació Nord train station in Valencia
Car hire at Estació Nord train station in Valencia

Driving from Madrid to Valencia

Driving from Madrid to Valencia will offer you a chance to enjoy Spain's countryside and travel at your own pace. It is about 350 km from Madrid to Valencia and the drive will take between three and a half and four hours.

Driving Route From Madrid To Valencia
(Total Distance 353 km)

This map is copyright registered and protected and may not be copied.

Continue on Av. del Cid towards Valencia

Then follow A-3 onto Av. del Cid

Get on M-30

If you would like to hire a car to make the journey, see our Guide to Car Hire in Madrid.

Taking the coach from Madrid to Valencia

It is possible to travel by coach from Madrid to Valencia. You will need to catch the coach from Estacion Sur de Autobuses in Madrid (see below for the address). You will be travelling with a coach company called Avanza Bus.

Coach journey length from Valencia to Madrid:
Coach journeys vary in length and to find out the exact length of each journey you should check the Official Avanza Bus Website. However, in general, coach journeys lasts about 4 hours.

How to book coach tickets from Valencia to Madrid:

  • At the station: see below for the exact address of the coach station in Madrid.
  • Internet: purchase tickets online on the official Avanza bus website. using a credit or debit card (the website is available in English).
  • Ticket prices: ticket prices vary, so it is best to check the official Avanza bus website for full details.

Valencia Coach Station
Estación De Autobuses de Valencia
Avenida Menendez Pidal, 11
46009 Valencia, España.

There are a helpful range of transport options for getting from Madrid to Valencia. Weigh up the price and convenience of each option and decide which is the best for you. The speed and variety of transport options available from Madrid to Valencia make it a viable options for travelling from one city to the other during a visit to Spain.

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