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High Speed Train from Valencia to Madrid: Guide to the AVE Train in Spain

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The AVE (Alta Velocidad Espanola) train offers the opportunity to travel across long distances in Spain at high speed. In a country as large as Spain that has so much to offer, it is a good option if you are a tourist and you want to see as much of the country as possible without spending too much time travelling. The high-velocity train from Valencia to Madrid takes just over an hour and a half.

This page will provide you with a guide to taking the high speed train from Valencia to Madrid. There is an overview to the train system and what to expect, advice on buying tickets, timetable information and details on train routes.

The high speed AVE trains leave from Valencia Joaquin Sorolla station

General guide to the train station in Valencia.

Transfers to / from Valencia Airport

Overview to the high velocity train

The high-speed train line that runs from Valencia to Madrid takes 1 hour 35 minutes. It offers you the opportunity to travel hundreds of kilometres at the highest possible train speed that is available in Spain. The AVE train system is run by Renfe - Spain's national and international train company. This means that you will be using the Renfe website (see links below) when you need to find out timetable and ticketing information about the high-velocity train.

In terms of luggage, you will find that the allowance on the AVE trains is quite generous. You will be allowed up to three pieces of hand luggage each, with a total limit of twenty kilograms (for more details on luggage allowance, see the Renfe website AVE luggage information page).

In terms of the trains themselves, they are comfortable with services including a cafeteria, music on individual systems for each passenger (earphones are provided), films screened in each carriage (you will also use the headphones for this).

Tip It is worth remembering that boarding the long-distance trains is a slightly slower process than boarding some other trains as they will check your tickets at a control point before you board the train. You will only be allowed to go onto the platform if you have a ticket (so say your goodbyes before then if you are not taking the journey!). The boarding control point closes two minutes before the train leaves, so make sure that you get to the train station in plenty of time.

AVE train tickets

There are a number of options for purchasing train tickets for the high-velocity train from Valencia to Madrid.

Telephone: Call the Renfe ticket line (number below) and book your tickets. Once you have made your booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. In the confirmation e-mail, you will have a code. This code can be used to print out your tickets at special machines that you will find at the train station.

Tel (Renfe ticket line): +34 91 232 0320

Internet: Head to the Official Renfe trains page that is dedicated to the AVE train from Valencia to Madrid. Here you can click on the option called 'Ticket Purchase' and head to the page where you can make card purchases online.

At the station: You can buy tickets in advance for the AVE train from Valencia to Madrid from the long-distance ticket desks at Estació Nord Station. You can also purchase them at the AVE train station itself - Valencia Joaquin Sorolla. For further details on how to use the ticket desks, see our Guide to trains and ticketing at Estació Nord station in Valencia. This page deals with Estació Nord but the same rules will apply at Valencia Joaquin Sorolla.

High speed train timetable

High speed trains leave Valencia and head to Madrid at regular intervals throughout the day. In general there is one per hour. However, during busy times there can be up to three trains per hour.

To check the full AVE train timetable you should head to the Official Renfe train website timetables page. Simply key in the days and times that you would like to travel and you will find out what trains are available.

AVE train routes

  • Valencia Joaquin Sorolla
  • Requena/Utiel
  • Cuenca Fernando Zobel
  • Madrid Puerta de Atocha

AVE train

Valencia Joaquin Sorolla Train Station
Carrer San Vicente Martir, 171
46007 Valencia, España.

It is recommended to take a taxi to get the Joaquin Sorolla train station.

Car Parking Near To Valencia Joaquin Sorolla Train Station:

Car Park Name Address Approximate Walking Distance to Car Park in Meters
Hortalegre - AVE Carrer de Sant Vicent Màrtir, 171 40 m
APK2 Jerónimo Muñoz Calle de Jerónimo Muñoz s/n 480 m

To find out about the location and address of the train station when you arrive in Madrid, see our High speed train from Madrid to Valencia page.

Taking the AVE train is not only convenient in terms of speed, but it is an interesting way for you to take in the Spanish countryside on your journeys through Spain. Make sure you book your tickets in advance as trains are often sold out before the day of travel. For a guide to taking the train from Madrid to Valencia see our Guide to the high speed train from Madrid to Valencia page.

Happy travelling!

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