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Valencia Tourist Bus: Guide to the Hop on Hop Off Tourist Bus in Valencia City, Spain

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Valencia Tourist Bus
Valencia Tourist Bus
The most convenient way to see Valencia's main sites and attractions is with the hop on hop off tourist bus. On a holiday in Valencia you will not be able to miss the open top buses travelling all over town. Valencia's hop on hop off tourist bus offers the opportunity to see Valencia's highlights all in one organized trip. This is especially useful if you are only in Valencia for a short amount of time. The tour bus will provide you with a means of getting around the city whilst also providing commentary and information on the history of the places that you are visiting.

This page will provide you with a full guide to the hop on hop off tourist bus service. There is information on what the tours are like and details of the different route options that are available to you. You can find out how much tickets cost and where they can be purchased from. There is also information about the audio guide that the service offers and the languages that it is available in, plus details on the bus timetables.

What is the Valencia tourist bus?

The Valencia tourist bus is an open top bus service that makes its way around Valencia's main attractions.

You can use the bus tours in two different and distinct ways. You may wish to use the Valencia tours bus as a novel means of getting around the city. You can hop on and off at whatever destinations you choose and can rest assured that the bus will take you to the must-see tourist hot spots. Alternatively, you may just choose to experience the full tour in one go, gaining an overview of what the city has to offer and taking note of particular places of interest to return to later on during your trip. Valencia hop on hop off tourist bus makes both options possible and convenient.

Prices of the Valencia tourist bus

The price of your ticket for the tourist bus depends on what route you choose (see below), your age, how many of you are travelling and whether you want the bus pass for 1 or 2 days. If you are in Valencia for two days it is worth considering getting the pass for 48 hours - this costs only a fraction more than the 24 hour pass.

Prices for the Historical and Maritime Routes (see below for more details):

Prices for the 24 hour ticket:
Children (0 - 6 years accompanied by adult): €0.00
Children (7 - 16 years): €11.00
Adults: €19.00
Family ticket (2 adults and 3 children): €65.00

Prices for the 48 hour ticket:
Children (0 - 6 years accompanied by adult): €0.00
Children (7 - 16 years): €12.00
Adults: €20.00
Family ticket (2 adults and 3 children): €65.00

Tip It is worth noting that you can get 12% discount for the Valencia Tourist Bus if you have purchased the Valencia Card. For details on what the Valencia Card does, where to buy it and how much it costs, see our Valencia card guide.

Prices for the Albufera Route (a boat ride is included in the ticket price - see below for more details):

Prices for the 24 hour ticket:
Children (0 - 6 years accompanied by adult): €0.00
Children (7 - 16 years): €15.00
Adults: €20.00

Where to buy tickets for the Valencia tourist bus

You can buy tickets from various sources:

  • Your hotel: Valencia Tourist Bus tickets are available to buy in the reception of most of the hotels in Valencia.
  • Tourist information: the tickets can be purchased at all of Valencia's tourist information offices (see our Tourist Information page for the locations of the offices).
  • At the bus stops: you will see the Valencia Tourist Bus stops throughout town (particularly in the old town - El Carmen) and there will be staff here to sell you tickets.
  • Online: Go to the Official Valencia Bus Turistic website and purchase your tickets here in advance.

Routes available for the Valencia tourist bus

Valencia is Spain's third largest city, meaning that it contains lots of different areas of interest. When buying your Valencia Tourist Bus ticket you will need to decide what bus route you wish to take. The options are listed below:

Historical Valencia Tourist Bus route:
This is the route that will take you around the old town and the important historical buildings and monuments in Valencia. Stops include Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Valencia Bioparc, Valencia History Museum and the Valencia Football Club Mestalla stadium.

Maritime Valencia Valencia Tourist Bus route:
This is the route that takes you along Valencia's riverbed and down to the port and beach area. Stops include the City of Arts and Sciences, the aquarium, the port and Las Arenas beach.

Albufera Valencia Tourist Bus route:
This route will see you leave the city centre and head all the way to the Albufera nature reserve. You will be driven through the reserve and told about the ecosystems around the rice fields and the lake. The ticket also includes a thirty minute boat ride around the Albufera lake.

Timetable to the Valencia Tourist Bus

In general, all bus routes begin at  and end between . However, the timetables are subject to a change depending on the season and whether it is a public holiday. To check the bus schedules during your trip, it is best to check the Official Valencia Bus Turistic website timetables page.

Valencia Tourist Bus
Operating hours: 10:00 - 21:00

Audio guide on the Valencia Tourist Bus

During the bus ride you will be able to listen to the audio guide that accompanies the journey. You will be given your own set of earphones on entering the bus and the commentary will tell you about what to look out for as you make your way around the route.

The audio guide is available in the following languages: Spanish, Valencian, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and German.

Valencia's tourist bus is a fun and interesting way to see the city. You can cover a lot of ground in a short time and learn about the city as you go along. If you are new to Valencia and would like a chance to gain an overview to the city quickly, efficiently and whilst having fun, this is the way to do it.

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