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Valencia Football Club: Football Team, Matches and Stadium in Valencia City, Spain

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Valencia Football Club (officially called Valencia C.F.) are one of the most important teams in Spain. During your trip to Valencia you may wish to make a trip to their Mestalla Stadium to see them play. This page will provide you with full details regarding the club. You will find a detailed history of the team and the stadium, advice on buying tickets for matches, instructions on getting to the stadium from the centre of Valencia and listings for the Valencia C.F. Merchandise shops. You will also find contact details for the club.

History of Valencia Football Club

Valencia Football Club was founded in 1919. It first started its life as an idea in the Torino Bar in the heart of Valencia. The first president was decided by flipping a coin with Octavio Augusto Milego Diaz the winner. The first club headquarters were located on Barcelona Street. At this time the club's profile was low - the socio-political situation in Spain was unstable and newspapers at this time were not really interested in covering sports.

The first match played by Valencia Football Club was away from home. It took place in Castellon on 21 May 1919. Valencia Football Club lost the match that they played against Valencian Gimnastico 1-0. But things got better from this point - in 1923 Valencia Football Club became regional champions, allowing them to compete in the Spain Cup.

In January 1923 Valencia Football Club moved to the stadium where they remain in to this day: Mestalla Stadium. At that point the stadium had seating for 17,000 spectators. The opening of the stadium took place on 20 May 1923. The architect was Francisco Almenar who was also a future president of the team.

Following the Civil War in Spain, Valencia Football Club were forced to adjust. The military intervened in football, as in many other areas of life. Also, during the Civil War the Mestalla Stadium had been severely damaged by continuous air raids. So, the stadium was re-designed and re-built, now housing 22,000 spectators.

The team were doing well at this point and in 1941 they won their first national title, versus Espanyol in the 1941 Cup. After this they also went on to win the League. The forties were a good period for Valencia Football Club.

In 1961 Miguel Martinez du Bujanda became President of the club. This signaled the beginning of a successful decade for the club. For the first time Valencia Football Club were invited to play in the Fairs Cup. They got to final where they beat Barcelona Football Club 6-2 on 12 September 1962 in Mestalla Stadium. Following these victories, many more followed for Valencia Football Club in the coming years.

The start of the eighties signaled a disappointing period for the club. They spent a great deal of money hosting the World Championship and upgrading their stadium. From 1981 - 82 the club came fifth in the leagues. Following this the situation got worse and worse for the team and in 1986 they were relegated to the Second Division. This was a massive blow to the team, giving them the determination to come back fighting.

In 1987 Valencia Football club returned to the Premier League and things began to look up for the team. By the turn of the century the club had managed to turn their luck around completely. From 2001 to 2004 they won 2 league cups, 1 UEFA Cup and 1 European Supercup.

How to get tickets for Valencia C.F. Matches

To find out about upcoming matches at Valencia Football Club, it is best to look on their official website (see link below). Here you will be able to click on 'Competiciones' and check the upcoming fixtures, to see whether there will be a match taking place during your trip. For each individual match you can click on the dates to find out details about who will be playing and statistics on the team that they will be playing against.

It is not possible to buy tickets directly from the Valencia Football Club website.

Alternatively, you can buy tickets at the official Valencia Football Club merchandise shops (see below for more details).

You can also buy tickets from the ticket offices that are located at Valencia's Mestalla Stadium (see below for instructions on how to get there).

Opening hours for Mestalla Stadium ticket office:
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 20:00.

How to get to the stadium (Camp de Mestalla)

If you are staying in the centre of Valencia, you will find that you are close to Estació del Norte - Valencia's main train station. Here we will give you transport options from Estació del Norte train station to the Mestalla Stadium.

Getting to Mestalla Stadium by taxi:
Mestalla Stadium is about 3 km from the train station. This will take about 10 - 15 minutes.

Taxi fare: €15.00

Getting to Mestalla Stadium by bus:
The number 10 bus leaves from Plaza del Ayuntamiento (the square directly outside the train station) and will take you all the way to Aragon Avenue, opposite the Mestalla Stadium.

Getting to Mestalla Stadium by Metro:
You can catch the metro from the station that sits right outside Estació del Nord: Xativa. You can take the Green Line, L5 to Aragon - the metro station that sits right next to Mestalla stadium.

Valencia C.F. merchandise

During your stay in Valencia it is possible to find Valencia Football Teams merchandising stores all around town. Here you will be able to buy football kits and other souvenirs including balls, pencils, toys and teddy bears.

Here is a listing for the Valencia Football Club shops:

Templo del Fútbol de Mestalla
Plaza Valencia Club de Fútbol, 2
46010 Valencia, España.

Opening times: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 20:00
Sunday: Closed

Tienda VCF El Saler
Autopista del Saler, 16
(Planta Baja, Local B24)
46013 Valencia, España.

Opening times: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 22:00
Sunday: Closed

Tienda VCF Nuevo Centro
Avenida Pio XII, local 124
46009 Valencia, España.

Opening times: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 21:00
Sunday: Closed

Tienda VCF Centro Comercial Bonair
Autovía A-3, Salida Aldaia
46960 Valencia, España.

Opening times: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 22:00
Sunday: Closed

Tienda VCF Gandía
Avenida Valencia, 1
46701 Valencia, España.

Opening times: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 21:00
Sunday: Closed

Tienda VCF Centro Comercial MN4
Planta Baja B-33
46910 Valencia, España.

Opening times: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 22:00
Sunday: Closed

Tienda VCF Estación del Norte
Estación ADIF de Valencia Nord
Carrer Xátiva, 24
46007 Valencia, España.

Opening times: Monday - Sunday: 09:00 - 21:00

Tip It is also possible to buy Valencia C.F. Merchandise online, if you cannot make it to a shop. See the Shop section of the Valencia Football Club Official Website.

Valencia Football Club contact details

Valencia Football Club
Camp de Mestala
Avenida Suecia
46010 Valencia, España.

Tel: +34 96 337 2626

Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near Valencia FC Stadium

Web: Official Valencia Football Club website

Valencia Football Club are a proud part of Valencia's history. During your trip to the city its worth considering getting tickets to one of the matches at Mestalla Stadium. You will be able to sit amongst the locals and cheer on Valencia's proud team.

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