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Valencia Shoe Shops: Where to Buy Footwear in Valencia City, Spain

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Louis Vuitton Designer Store on Calle Marques de Dos Aigues
Louis Vuitton Designer Store on Calle Marques de Dos Aigues

As we all know, Spain is a first class place to go shoe shopping. And Valencia is no exception. During your trip to Valencia, if you fancy hitting the shoe shops, you will not be short of places to look.

This page will provide advice on what parts of town to head to for shoe shopping. It will also provide links to other pages where you can find out extra information about shopping in Valencia.

Transfers to / from Valencia Airport

Where to head to do some shoe shopping in Valencia

In general, the shoe shops in Valencia can be found in the same areas where there are good clothes shopping opportunities. So, if you head to the streets where you can find the designer boutiques and high-end shops, some of these will be shoe shops or have sections of their shops dedicated to shoes. The same goes for the high-street shoe shops.

Have a look at our Guide to Clothes Shopping in Valencia. Here you will find a guide to each section of Valencia city centre and where to head if you are after designer stores, high-street options, department stores or shopping centres.

Tip It is worth remembering that shops such as Mango and Zara have shoe selections available in their stores. These are good places to shop whilst you are in Spain - as they are Spanish shops they can often prove to be cheaper here than in other countries. They also offer a high quality of shoe.

Department stores in Valencia

El Corte Inglés Department Store on Calle Don Juan de Austria
El Corte Inglés Department Store on Calle Don Juan de Austria

It is worth noting that some of Spain's best shoes can be found in department stores. El Corte Inglés is arguably the most famous department store in Spain and they have a number of branches in Valencia. On entering the store, check the store map or ask at the information desk to find out where the shoe department is.

For listings of department stores in Valencia, see our Guide to Department Stores in Valencia. Here you will find addresses and contact details.

If you love to shop, Valencia is the place to head for some retail therapy. The city is awash with shoe shops for men, women and children. Remember that Spain is famous for shops selling quality leather goods, so consider treating yourself to some new leather shoes or stilettos.

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