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Shops in Valencia: Overview to All Types of Shopping in Valencia City, Spain

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Lladro Chine Store in Valencia
Lladro Chine Store in Valencia
If you are a shopaholic and you are planning a trip to Valencia, you have some treats in store - Valencia is jam-packed with shops. In the town centre you will find a whole variety of options: there is a street that is crammed with high-end designer boutiques; there are areas where you will be able to find high-street stores that Spain is known for; there are weekly markets where you can get involved like the locals and pick up some souvenirs; there are department stores where you can find everything from perfume to dinner sets all under one roof.

Carolina Herrera store in Valencia old town
Carolina Herrera store in Valencia old town

And if you head slightly further from the city centre you will discover that Valencia has some of the most modern and largest shopping centres in all of Spain.

This page will provide you with links to more detailed pages that we have in relation to shopping: clothes shops, shoe shops, shopping centres, markets, department stores and health food shops. Each of these pages gives specific advice on where to head to find what you are looking for, plus photos. On some of the pages you will also find listings with addresses. At the bottom of the page there is also a link to a page giving you an overview to what it is like to go shopping in Valencia, with some tips and some images to feast you eyes on.

Louis Vuitton in Valencia's affluent neighbourhood
Louis Vuitton in Valencia's affluent neighbourhood

Clothes shopping in Valencia

Whether you are looking for a bargain or something to splash some cash on, Valencia has what you need. You will find the major men's, women's and children's high-street stores. You will also find designer boutiques from both local and internationally renowned designers. For advice on the places to head for the type of shops that you are after, see our Guide to Clothes Shopping in Valencia.

Shoe shops in Valencia

Valencia is a place to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes - remember, Spain is well-known around the world for its high quality leather goods. Whatever area of town you find yourself in, you should be able to find a shoe shop close by. And if you are after something specific or special, the town centre, department stores and shopping centres will offer you an abundance of variety. For full advice on where to head for shoe shops in Valencia, see our Guide to Shoe Shopping in Valencia.

Valencia shopping centres

Valencia is renowned for being a modern city that has seen much new building and progress in recent years. This is reflected in the shopping centres that it has to offer. Both near the city centre and further out of town you will find large malls selling everything from women's clothing to electrical appliances. For listings of the shopping centres in Valencia with advice on what to expect, see our Guide to Shopping Centres in Valencia.

Markets in Valencia

Paella pan shop outside El Mercado Central
Paella pan shop outside El Mercado Central

Whether you are after a food market, to stock up on supplies for your apartment or a flea market to rifle through the bric-a-brac, or an artisan fair to purchase some locally made goods, you will find what you're after in Valencia. The area is well-known for its weekly street markets, selling a whole variety of products. Valencia's main food market is also worth a visit, whether you want to buy any food or not - it is located inside a large art-deco building. For listings and dates for Valencia's street markets, plus information on what to expect at the food markets, see our Guide to Valencia Markets.

Boutiques in Valencia

Made Design Shop in Valencia's old town
Made Design Shop in Valencia's old town

Valencia is an area that is renowned for its design. For this reason, there are a wide selection of boutiques in the area. You will find small independent shops selling clothes or home-ware from local designers. You will also find branches of some of the world's biggest labels, including Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Caroline Herrera. For background in to the design scene in Valencia, details on Valencia Fashion Week and advice on where to head for Valencia's boutiques, see our Guide to Boutique Shopping in Valencia.

Department Stores in Valencia

During your trip to Valencia you are bound to notice one of Spain's most legendary department stores - El Corte Inglés. Throughout the town centre you will find branches of these shops. The stores pride themselves on offering everything from cosmetics to electrical goods to an up-market supermarket to home-ware. There are also other department stores to be found in and around Valencia city centres. For details and listings, with contact details and address, see our Guide to Department stores in Valencia.

Tip One of Spain's most popular entertainment department stores is Fnac. This stores sells all things linked to home entertainment including DVDs, books, computers, music and televisions. It s also a place where you can head to buy tickets for concerts and events. For full details of the Fnac store in valencia, see our Guide to Valencia Fnac.

Valencia health food shops

If eating and living healthily is important to you, there are health food shops that you can head to in Valencia. For listings and details, see our Guide to Valencia Health Food Shops.

Guide to Shopping in Valencia

If you are heading to Valencia and would like to get a general overview as to what you can expect, take a look at our General Guide to Shopping in Valencia. Here you will find some tips on what to expect from the shops in Valencia, when they will be open and images of some of the shops in the city.

Valencia's shopping opportunities are one of the city's main draws. While you are in town, it is worth taking a break from the history and culture to indulge in some retail therapy. There something for everyone in the shops of Valencia.

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