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Fnac in Valencia: Guide to FNAC Department Store in Valencia City, Spain

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Fnac store in Valencia
Fnac store in Valencia
Fnac is a Spanish institution- it is a large department store dedicated completely to entertainment. If you need anything to do with films, music, video games or electrical products, this is the place to head. It is also a forward thinking store where small events and competitions take place (see below for more details). The Fnac in Valencia is located at the heart of the city centre, making it quick and easy to walk to from the old town (see below for how to get there).

This page will provide you with a guide to the Fnac in Valencia (Fnac San Agustin): what products you can buy there, what special activities they offer, how to get there and contact details including the official Fnac website.

What products can I purchase from Fnac in Valencia?

Products that you can purchase in Fnac:

  • Books: there are different categories including fiction, travel, cookery, coffee table books and science books (this includes an international language books sections).
  • Music: CDs and records in categories spanning rock, pop, jazz and classical. Amongst others.
  • Cinema: DVDs in normal and Blu-Ray of films and television box-sets (available in a selection of languages).
  • Software: software for computers - both Macs and PCs.
  • Computers: laptops, stand-alone computer parts, macs and PCs.
    MP3s and GPS
  • Image and Sound: this refers to televisions, sound-systems, DVD players and other equipment to build home cinemas.
  • Cameras and video recorders: a range of equipment for taking photos and filming.
  • Kids products: toys, computer games, books and DVDs for children.

Special events taking place in Fnac in Valencia

One of the characteristics of Fnac that makes it stand out from other stores are the events that they put on each month. During your stay in Valencia, there is a possibility that there could be a free concert, art exhibition, talk or film screening in Fnac.

To find out what's on whilst you are in town, check the Official Fnac San Agustin blog. Here you will find up to the minute information about events taking place in the coming months in the store. Unfortunately the blog is only available in Spanish - however, if you look for key phrases eg. Mad Men or Manga Cartoons, you will have a clue as to the events taking place. You can then use Google Translate to find out any extra information that you might need.

How to get to Fnac San Agustin in Valencia

Fnac in Valencia is easy to find - it is a large building that sits on one of the main roads running through Valencia - Calle Guillem de Castro. The nearest metro is Xativa (the metro stop directly outside Valencia's main train station - Estacio del Nord) - about five minutes walk from the shop. On exiting the Xativa metro stop, with the Estació del Nord behind you, turn left and keep walking for five minutes. You will see the large Fnac building on your left.

MetroMetro: Xativa (Red Line, L3) and (Green Line, L5)

Fnac San Agustin contact details

Fnac San Agustin
Carrer Guillem de Castro, 9 - 11
46007 Valencia, España.

Tel: +34 91 131 3003
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: Official Fnac Website

Car Parking Near To Fnac San Agustin:

Car Park Name Address Approximate Walking Distance to Car Park in Meters
Avenida del Oeste Avinguda de l'Oest, 34 330 m
Abastos Calle Heroe Romeu, 2 660 m
APK2 Navarro Llorens Carrer del Pintor Navarro Llorens, s/n 690 m

Other Fnac stores in Spain

You will find Fnac stores all over Spain. If you are heading to another part of the country and need to know where their Fnac is located, see the Official Fnac website shop finder page.

Fnac is a shop to head if you need a new book, video game or DVD whilst you are on holiday. If you are interested in modern culture, you may also find yourself heading there to check out one of their exhibitions, concerts or screenings.

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