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Valencia Pictures: Selection of Photographs of Valencia City, Spain

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Valencia is a visually attractive city, and while you are there, you won't be able to resist taking lots of pictures. If you are into futuristic architecture and design, you will find endless visual stimulation at the City of Arts and Sciences. If you enjoy nature, you can head to the Turia Riverbed and the countless other outdoor spaces that dot the city. If you enjoy history and charming small streets, there is something of interest around every corner of the old town. If you enjoy people watching, you will find a city full of characters.

This page will provide you with a selection of some of Valencia's most interesting images, along with descriptions. This will help to give you an overview of the city prior to a trip so that you can decide whether you like the look of the city and what it has to offer.

Tip If you would like to get a general understanding of the different areas in Valencia, have a look at our Guide to the Districts of Valencia. Here you will find descriptions of areas including the old town, the City of Art and Sciences and the beach.

This page has given you more of a general overview of Valencia, in the hopes of giving you a feel for the atmosphere and aesthetic of the city. For links to more specific photo routes pages, including Valencia beach, the old town, the City of Art and Sciences, Valencia zoo - the Bioparc and the local area of El Cabanyal, see our Photographs of Valencia page.

Valencia is the sort of city that you will leave wanting to go back to. It is extremely diverse, and each area has its own distinct atmosphere and style. As you walk around Valencia, take the time to stop and look at your surroundings - this is when you will discover the real beauty of the city.

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