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Photos of Valencia Beach: Photo Route of Valencia's Beaches. Photographs of the Facilities, Sea and Sand at the Beaches Near Valencia City, Spain

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Valencia has 2.8 km of beaches. The main beach area is called Las Arenas (it is also known as El Cabanyal). The beaches tend to be wide and sandy, with good facilities. At the back of the beach area, you will find a row of seafood restaurants. They offer high-quality dishes, including the classically Spanish 'arroces' (rice). The most famous of these is, of course, paella. Paella was invented in Valencia so you have to try some whilst you're on holiday here. La Pepica is the one of the most legendary of all of the restaurants - Ernest Hemingway famously tried his first paella here.

If you would like to see full details of where the beaches are in relation to the town centre, how to get there and what facilities they offer, see our Guide to Valencia Beaches.

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