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Valencia Metro Map: Map of the Underground System in Valencia, Spain

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Valencia's metro system has six lines and covers most of the city. It is worth having a look at the metro map prior to your visit and checking out the closest metro to your accommodation. You can then check how to get to the various attractions that you would like to visit on the metro from where you are staying.

This page will provide you with the official Valencia metro map.

Metro Map for Valencia Metro System

Valencia metro map showing Lines L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L7 and L9  and Tram map showing lines L4, L6 and L8.

For a guide to the Valencia metro - ticket options, ticket prices, timetable and how to buy tickets, see our Guide to Valencia Metro.

Using the metro is a convenient and quick way to get around Valencia. For your other public transport options, see our Guide to Transport in Valencia city centre.

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