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Valencia Maps: Guide to Free Maps and Guides Available from Tourist Information in Valencia City, Spain

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Tourist Information in Valencia city centre
Tourist Information in Valencia city centre

During your trip to Valencia it is a good idea to get your bearings before you start to make your way around the city - it is worth picking up a free map from tourist information. This way you will be able to decide what areas you would most like to visit and gain an understanding of where each area is in relation to each other.

This page will provide you with details of the different free maps that are available for you to pick up from the tourist information offices in Valencia. There is a description of each map, detailing what in particular it is useful for and what it specialises in. There is also a link to listings of the tourist information offices where you can pick up a map.

For a map of Valencia online, see our Map of Valencia page.

Where to find maps of Valencia: tourist information points where maps are available

To find out the location of the tourist information offices in Valencia, see our guide to Valencia tourism offices. There are tourist information offices dotted throughout town and in important tourist points such as the train station and the beach. At the tourist information points you can ask for any of the maps listed below. You can also ask them to annotate your map to show you anywhere in particular that you want to find.

The main tourist information in Valencia is listed below:

Tourist information Plaza de la Reina

Oficina de Turismo
Plaza de la Reina, 19
46002 Valencia, España.

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +34 96 315 3931

Services on offer at Plaza de la Reina Tourist Information: Tourist Information, Sale of VLC Tourist Card, Sale of Tourist Services (Bicycle Hire, Bioparc, Bus Turístic, Tickets to the City of Arts and Sciences, Sailing Trips, Guided Tours of the Old Town, Visit to the Albufera Nature Park, Night Tours, etc.). Souvenir Sales, Internet Connection, Online Accommodation Booking.

Opening hours for Plaza de la Reina Tourist Information:
Monday - Saturday: 09:00 - 19:00
Sunday and Public Holiday: 10:00 - 14:00

Car Parking Near To Oficina de Turismo:

Car Park Name Address Approximate Walking Distance to Car Park in Meters
Avenida del Oeste Avinguda de l'Oest, 34 570 m
Carmelitas Calle Pintor Vilar, 1 920 m
Severo Ochoa Calle Profesor Doctor Severo Ochoa, 14 980 m

Free maps available at tourist information

When you go into tourist information you will find that there are a whole range of free maps available to you. Use this guide to find the map that is most suited to you needs.

Plano VLC Valencia

This is Valencia VLC Tourist Information's official free map.

On one side of the map you will find a guide to the whole city, stretching from Parque de Benicalap all the way to the beaches (the full length of the Turia River bed). You will also find a key for locating transport stations, hotels, apartments, museums, monuments, natural spaces and sports centres in the city.

On the other side of the map you will find a close up map of the old town in Valencia - an area called El Carmen. This map shows you the metro and bus routes around the city centre. It also shows small pictures of the old town's main attractions. This is useful if you need to make your way around the small and winding streets of the old town as the majority of the area's streets are named on the map.

This is one of Valencia's best free maps as it also does not have many adverts included on it.

Valencia Bus Turistic map

This is a map that is provided by Valencia's hop-on hop-off tourist bus service (for full details of the service, see our Guide to the Valencia Tourist bus). It contains a map of the whole city, so it is useful regardless of whether you are actually using the bus service. However, it is particularly useful if you plan on taking the bus. It shows the different route options that the tourist bus takes around the city and the surrounding area. It also shows the timetables of each different bus route. It also offers contact details for the bus company and answers to a list of frequently asked questions about the bus service.

Plano de Valencia (sponsored by El Corte Ingles)

One side of this map offers a view of the whole city, from the new channel of the River Turia to the beach and marina area. You will also find on this side important contact telephone numbers such as emergency services, transport and tourist information.

The other side of the map offers a small close up of the old town (not as large or detailed as the one provide on the VLC Valencia tourist information map - see above). It also includes listings and descriptions (in Spanish) of Valencia's main museums. A large section of this side is taken up listing the locations of the many El Corte Inglés stores that are located in Valencia. There is also a section explaining cash refunds available for tourists from overseas who purchase products in El Corte Inglés stores.

Tip If you would like to get a general understanding of the different areas in Valencia, have a look at our Guide to the Districts of Valencia. Here you will find descriptions of areas including the old town, the City of Art and Sciences and the beach.

During a trip to Valencia it is worth picking up some maps to get your bearings in the city. You will note that each free map that is available at tourist information has its own unique benefits. So choose the one that most suits your needs and take a couple of copies (the maps are made of paper so they tend to rip after a few days of usage). Alternatively, take a selection of maps and use them as and when needed.

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