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Hostal in Valencia: Hostal Description and Links to Listings Pages for Cheap Accommodation in Valencia City, Spain.

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It is important to understand the difference between a hostal and a hostel. A hostel is what English people would commonly call a youth hostel: accommodation in which you would normally be sharing dorms with other people. A hostal is something different and is also often called a 'pension'. Hostals or pensions are more like cheap hotels. They are normally small businesses where individuals or couples can sleep in basic rooms. Sometimes there are individual bathrooms, and sometimes the bathrooms are shared.

This page will offer you a full explanation of exactly what a hostal is (in comparison to a hostel). It will also provide links to listings for youth hostels and pensions (or hostals) in Valencia.

What is the difference between a hostal and a hostel?

If you would like to understand the difference between a hostel and a hostal, take a look at our guide to the difference between a hotel, hostal, hostel and pension. This page discusses the accommodation options in Barcelona, however the descriptions also relate to accommodation in Valencia.

Listings for hostel and hostals in Valencia

If what you are looking for is actually a youth hostel, see our Guide to Youth Hostels in Valencia.

If you would prefer to stay in a hostal, of pension, see our Guide to Pensions in Valencia.

Each listings page provides full contact details and official website links for each specific accommodation listed.

If you want to stay in a hostal in Valencia, first check the descriptions above to ensure that you fully understand what a pension/ hostal is. After you have done this, have a look around to find the hostal that best suits the price and location that you are after.

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