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Valencia City, Spain: Guide to Entertainment, Tourism, Eating Out and Nightlife in the Centre of Valencia City, Spain

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Horchateria in Valencia
Horchateria in Valencia
Valencia is a popular Spanish city to head to for tourists from all over the world. It has its own distinct personality and offers something for all ages and tastes. Whether you are a fan of art, music, science, the outdoors, gastronomy, the beach or history, you will find places of interest in Valencia.

This page will provide you with links to pages dealing with some of the main areas of interest in terms of what you are going to want to do in Valencia: tourism, entertainment, nightlife and eating out.

Tourism in Valencia

A model of Valencia Cathedral
A model of Valencia Cathedral

Valencia is Spain's third largest city and it offers tourism for all tastes. The city brings together historic and modern culture. In the old town (El Carmen) you will find a gothic cathedral, a modernist food market and a Rococo palace all in easy walking distance of each other. Valencia can mean many things to you depending on what you are looking for. Valencia offers history, modernity, nature, epicurean delights and entertainment. It also offers different holidaying opportunities - it can appeal as a destination for a mini break or as a suitable option for a longer stay.

For descriptions of the atmosphere and varying aspects of Valencia plus links to pages with details including listings, prices, opening times and locations on places such as the City of Arts and Sciences, the zoo, aquarium, markets, parks and beaches, see our Guide to Tourism in Valencia.

Entertainment in Valencia

Valencia is a city to head to if you are in search of entertainment. It has a reputation for being a vibrant city with a youthful outlook - there is an abundance of culture and events taking place throughout the year. If you love music, you will find concerts and shows spanning genres from classical to rock to jazz. For those who love art there are galleries across the city offering both classic and modern art. If you are interested in theatre you will find theatre venues across the city.

For links to detailed pages offering listings, descriptions, maps and advice on music, galleries, theatre, shopping and food in Valencia, see our Guide to entertainment in Valencia page.

Eating out in Valencia

Valencia's Mercado Central
Valencia's Mercado Central

If you are interested in gastronomy Valencia will be a satisfying place to head. Its coastal location ensures that the seafood is top notch. There are also dishes that are particular to the region, such as the rices and paellas, that should not be missed during a visit. Tapas are not particularly typical to Valencia, but despite this there are still an abundance of good quality tapas bars in the city centre. Valencia is also home to one of the largest food markets in Europe, El Mercado Central.

If you would like to find out links to pages about a tapas tour of Valencia, traditional Valencian foods and restaurants listings, see our Guide to eating out in Valencia.

Nightlife in Valencia

Valencia's nightlife has a reputation that precedes it throughout Spain. In the streets surrounding the cathedral in Valencia's old town you will find a whole world of small independent bars, tapas joints, restaurants and clubs. Valencia's nightlife takes place largely in the streets. The good weather and abundance of squares allow you to sit until the early hours sipping wine and eating tapas under the stars.

For descriptions of different areas of Valencia with explanations of what they have to offer for a night out, plus links to listings for clubs and advice on how to make the most of a night out in Valencia, see our Guide to Valencia nightlife.

Tip For an overall description of Valencia and an explanation of how to use the Valencia Tourist Guide, see our Valencia Tourist Guide homepage.

Valencia is a sophisticated, interesting and beautiful city with something to offer all tastes and ages. Before your trip to the city, do some research into what it has to offer both by day and by night. If you plan your time well you can enjoy many of the opportunities that the city offers whilst still feeling relaxed and like you've had a real break.

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