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Valencia Card: Guide to the Tourist Card Available in Valencia City, Spain

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Tourist Information in Valencia - where you can purchase the Valencia Card
Tourist Information in Valencia - where you can purchase the Valencia Card
The Valencia Tourist Card is a discount card that is designed for tourists to Valencia. Once you have purchased the card you are entitled to free public transport, plus discounts for museums, leisure activities, restaurants and shops in Valencia. You can buy it to cover a range of periods (see below for more details). This page will provide you with an overall guide to the Valencia Card. You will find a full description of what the Valencia Card is and what it entitles you to. There is also an explanation of the different options of Valencia Card and how much one costs. You can find out where you can use your Valencia card and where you can purchase it from.

What is the Valencia Tourist Card?

The Valencia Tourist Card is a small card that is the size of a credit card. It gives you free and unlimited journeys on the public transport and you can also gain discounts on entrance tickets to many attractions (see below for full details). It has been designed by Valencia tourist information to cover a large percentage of a tourist's short trip to Valencia. You can use it to get around the city without having to purchase any more transport tickets, to save money on the attractions that you want to visit and to even cover discount on your trip to the gift shop and your food for the day. See below for a list of the places where it can be used.

What different Valencia Cards are available?

There are Valencia cards available for a variety of lengths of time:

  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 72 hours

The period of time begins from the first use of the card on Valencia public transport.

If, however, you want to use the card for a discount before going on public transport you can ask for it to be stamped with a date and time from the sales point that you purchase it from.

How much does the Valencia Card cost?

Prices of the different Valencia Cards:

  • 24 hour card: €15.00 
  • 48 hour card: €20.00 
  • 72 hour card: €25.00 

Tip If you cannot decide whether to buy a Valencia Card, it is worth comparing the price of the card to the prices of the transport cards (see our Valencia transport guide). Have a think about how much you think you will be using public transport. Also, have a think about what activities or attractions you would like to see in Valencia and check how many of these are included on the discounts list (see below).

Where can I buy my Valencia Tourist Card?

You can purchase the Valencia Card from different places in Valencia, as well as online.

  • Tourist information: the card can also be purchased at all of Valencia's VLC Tourist Information offices (these are the tourist information offices for the city rather than the region). To see where the tourist information offices are located, see our Valencia tourist offices page.

Where can I use the Valencia Tourist Card?

  • Transport: The Valencia Card covers the buses in zone A of the Valencia transport system, trams in zone A of the Valencia transport system and the metro in zones A and B.
  • Museum and Attractions: the card offers discount from between 10% right up to free entrance from attractions including the Arabic baths, valencia Cathedral, Valencia Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Arts and Sciences.
  • Entertainment: the card offers discount from between 10 percent right up to free entrance from entertainment including casinos, segway city tours and sailing trips.
  • Shops: the card offers varying discounts off your final bill at shops including the Valencia Football Club merchandise shops, souvenir shops and the Lladro shop in Valencia.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: on a range of cafes and restaurants you can use the card for a discount of between 5 and 10 percent from your bill, or even, in some cases, a free bottle of cava with your dinner.

For a full list of discounts available with Valencia Card, see the official Valencia Card website

Tip It is worth noting that the Valencia Card covers the metro transport that takes you from Valencia Airport into the city centre (on lines 3 or 5). Therefore, on arrival at Valencia Airport you could purchase a Valencia Card from the tourist information office at the airport (see link above) and the card will cover you transfer into the town centre.

Before going on your trip to Valencia it is worth considering whether the Valencia Card could save you time and money on your trip. Have a think about how much you think you will be using public transport and how many different attractions you would like to go to. For some visitors to the city the Valencia Card could be a useful asset.

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