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Valencia Nightlife: Guide to a Night Out in Valencia City, Spain

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By night, Valencia is a vibrant city - there is a city centre full to the brim with vibrant nightlife. Whether you want a quiet night enjoying dinner with friends, a trip to a concert to see a new band, a night of bar-hopping around the coolest bars or an all-night clubbing session, you should find what you are after in Valencia.

This page will provide you with links to detailed pages with listings and tips for a night eating out, going clubbing, seeing music or going to the theatre. There is also advice on the best places to head in Valencia to find nightlife.

Where should I go for a night out in Valencia?

The old town:
If you are only in town for a few days, there is one place that you have to head to a night out - the old town. The area that is called El Carmen is renowned for being a place to head for bars, clubs and restaurants. Once night falls head to the streets behind the cathedral and you will find squares and streets packed with revellers. Plaza de la Virgen is a good place to start - make your way down streets like Calle Caballeros, and you will find a wealth of places to go eating and drinking.

The marina:
If you are looking for a slightly more chic night out, you could head to the marina and beach area in Valencia. You will find some big clubs in this area. You will also find lots of seafood restaurants and cocktail bars that look out onto the water.

If you are heading to Valencia as a student on an Erasmus scheme of doing a language course, you will probably find yourself gravitating towards the area that sits between Avenida de Aragon and Plaza del Cedro. This is the part of town with the squares and bars that most popular with a student crowd.

Eating out in Valencia

Whether you are after a Michelin starred meal, a quick snack or a tapas tour of the city, you will find what you need in Valencia. For listings of many of Valencia restaurants, see our Guide to Restaurants in Valencia.

For an overview to the different eating options in Valencia, plus links to more detailed pages with specific advice and locations, see our Guide to Eating Out in Valencia.

Clubbing in Valencia

Valencia is Spain's third-largest city, ensuring that it has a wide range of clubs on offer. Whether you want to go to a night club during the week or at the weekend, there will be something to suit your tastes. For a full guide to the night clubs of Valencia, see our Guide to Clubbing in Valencia.

Theatres in Valencia

During your trip to Valencia, you could decide that you would like to go to see a play or a musical. It is worth remembering that the majority of these will be in Spanish. However, you might find that there is a play in the language of your choice during your trip. For listings of the theatres in Valencia, including contact details and ticket information, see our Guide to Theatres in Valencia.

Tip If you fancy a trip to the cinema for a quiet night out, see our Guide to Valencia Cinemas. Here you will find listings for Valencia's cinemas. Plus a link to a page dealing with the original language cinema in Valencia.

Music in Valencia

There is an impressive selection of music venues in Valencia. If you want to go to see some classical or opera, you can head to venues like the Palau de la Musica. If you want to see some jazz, there are small smoky bars where you can head. And if you would like to see one of your favourite bands, there are both big and small venues for rock and pop concerts.

For a full guide to the music options in Valencia, see our Guide to Valencia music page.

Tip If you are gay or lesbian and are hoping to find some places to head to in Valencia, you will not be disappointed. There are a selection of gay bars and clubs to enjoy during your trip. See our Guide to Gay Valencia for more details.

Valencia is a place to head if you are a night owl. The city's streets really come alive at night with happy revellers spilling out from the bars and clubs. The good weather ensures that for many months the outdoor terraces are packed with people enjoying drinks and tapas. To really make the most of your trip to Valencia, get stuck into the nightlife activities.

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