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Clubs in Valencia: Guide to Clubbing, Discos and Nightlife in the Centre of Valencia City, Spain

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Valencia is a youthful and vibrant city with a nightlife scene to match. During a trip to Valencia, you may decide to prioritise your nights above your days. If clubbing is what you are after you should find something to suit your needs and musical tastes most nights of the week in the city centre.

This page will provide some advice on where to find out what's on in Valencia and what to expect from a night out in Valencia. You will also find listings for some of Valencia's top clubs with official websites.

Advice on going clubbing in Valencia

What time should I head to the clubs in Valencia?

When you go clubbing in Valencia it is important to remember that you are in Spain where everything happens late! In Spain, there is no point in heading to a club before 00:00 midnight as you are likely to find that you are the only person there. In general clubs in Valencia are open from 00:00 midnight - 05:00/ 06:00. Therefore the busiest hours in the club are normally from 01:00 - 04:00.

How can I find out what's on during my trip to Valencia?

During your trip to Valencia you will have various options for finding out what is going on in the world of clubbing:

Posters and flyers: in areas like the old town (El Carmen) you will see posters all over the streets for different clubs explaining what is happening on the different nights and what DJs are playing. If you keep an eye out in bars and the cooler shops, you will also see flyers advertising the different nights.

Free magazines: There are two main free magazines for music fans in Valencia: 'A Little Beat' and 'Mondo Sonoro'. These magazines will offer listings for what is happening during the time that you are there. They also offer interesting interviews and features on clubbing and music in Valencia. You will be able to find these magazines available to pick up in the bars and independent shops in Valencia, particularly in the streets surrounding the cathedral in the old town.

Club websites: prior to your trip, check the official websites (see below) of the clubs that you are interested in heading to. Here you will be able to find out what is happening on the different nights.

Listings for clubs in Valencia

La 3 Club

This is the club in Valencia where you are likely to find the cool kids. Their music policy is open and eclectic but there is a leaning towards electronic music.

La 3 Club
Carrer del Padre Porta, 4
46024 Valencia, España.

Tel: +34 96 335 5319
E-mail: [email protected]

Piccadilly Downtown Club

Located in one of the old town's main squares, this is a popular place to head for those who are into indie and pop music.

Piccadilly Downtown Club
Carrer dels Tomasos, 14
46006 Valencia, España.

Deseo 54 Club

A popular club with both a gay and a straight crowd. It has a good reputation for offering lively Sunday night parties. The music is generally house and electro.

Discoteca Deseo 54
Carrer Pepita, 15
46024 Valencia, España.

Web: Official Deseo 54 Website

If you fancy hitting the clubs during a trip to Valencia, you will not be disappointed by the options that are available. Not only is Valencia Spain's third largest city, it is also a well-known university town with a young and vibrant population. It is important to remember that the world of clubbing is one that is always changing. So the best way to find out about what is on during your trip is to keep an eye out for posters, flyers and magazines once you arrive. This is how you will find out the buzz about the most exciting parties during your trip to the city.

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