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Valencia Marina: Guide to the Port and Nautical Areas

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A building at Valencia marina
A building at Valencia marina
Valencia Marina is located a twenty minute journey (by bus or metro) from Valencia's city centre - the old town. It is an interesting place to head if you want to take a stroll and see the huge variety of boats that are moored there. You will find everything from small sailing boats to gigantic cruise liners bobbing in the ocean surrounding the marina.

This page will provide you with a description of the marina with background information on its history and mooring. You will also find a link to instructions on how to get to the marina from the city centre and listings for yacht charter and watersports companies in the area. There is also advice on where to find nightlife around the marina.

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Background to Valencia Marina

America's Cup building at Valencia marina
America's Cup building at Valencia marina

The marina in Valencia is called Juan Carlos 1 Marina. It was renovated in preparation for the arrival of the America's Cup to Valencia in 2007. It is situated to the east of the city, next to the Malvarrosa and Las Arenas beaches.

The Royal Marina has two docks - one outer and one inner. The outer dock is made up of the north and south docks - both of these provide shelter for the entrance and exit of boats. The inner dock is used only for vessels that are more than 30 metres long. Both docks have room for over 600 vessels from 10 to 150 metres in length.

Moorings in Valencia

A boat moored at Valencia marina
A boat moored at Valencia marina

The number of stopovers by large boats in the Juan Carlos 1 Royal Marina is constantly on the increase, as the marina becomes better known internationally as a port of reference. Boat lovers will have heard of vessels such as the queen Elizabeth II, the Navigator of the Sea and the Brilliance of the Seas - which have made stopovers in Valencia.

There are also a wide variety of cruise ships that make stopovers in Valencia's marina.

How do I get to the Marina?

It is possible to get to Marina Juan Carlos I from the city centre by bus or train. This journey is exactly the same as if you were heading to the main Valencia beach. For full descriptions of how to get to Valencia Marina, see our instructions on how to get to the beach on our page on Valencia Beach.

Nightlife at the Marina

A bar at Valencia marina
A bar at Valencia marina

You will find the odd bar or restaurant at the marina. However, for a more vibrant evening of bars and restaurants it is best to head to the promenade of the Malvarrosa and Las Arenas beaches that sit next to the marina and can be viewed from the marina. Here you will find a whole stretch of seafood restaurants, cafes and cocktail bars. For more details on this see our Valencia Beach page.

Tip If you would like to get involved with some nautical and watersports activities whilst you are in Valencia, it is possible to do this at the marina and surrounding area. For details of jet skiing companies, see our page on Jet Skiing in Valencia. For information on nautical clubs in the area, see our page on Watersports Clubs in Valencia. If you wish to charter a yacht during your trip, go to our Valencia Yacht Charters page.

During your holiday in Valencia it is worth making a trip the marina. You can take a stroll around before heading to the beach. On a sunny day it can be a beautiful place to while away the hours.

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