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Cheap Flights to Valencia: How to find low cost flights

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Valencia Airport
Valencia Airport
If you are on the hunt for cheap flight options to and from Valencia, you will be glad to hear that you have a variety of options. Low budget airlines including Ryan Air, Easy Jet and Vueling all operate in and out of Valencia Airport.

This page will provide you with advice on finding cheap flights in and out of Valencia. You will find tips on getting the lowest flight prices. You will also find links to the official websites of the major low budget airlines that are operating out of Valencia Airport.

Transfers to / from Valencia Airport

Tips on finding the cheapest flight options

  1. Book with one of the low budget (also known as "no frills") airlines.
  2. Book as far in advance as possible.
  3. Travel mid-week if this is an option for you.
  4. Opt for one of the less convenient flight times e.g early morning or late at night.

For more detailed advice on ways to find the cheapest flights, see our page on finding cheap flights from Barcelona. Despite the fact that this deals with flights to and from Barcelona, the same principles apply when it comes to finding budget tickets.

Car Parking Near To Valencia Airport:

Car parks near airport terminal

Car Park Name Address Approximate Walking Distance to Car Park in Meters
AENA General P1 Valencia Airport 100 m
AENA Long Stay Valencia Airport 300 m

Car parks with shuttle bus service

Car Park Name Address Approximate Driving Distance to Car Park in Minutes
Hortalegre Cristofol Colom, 6 10 Minutes

Budget airlines operating in and out of Valencia Airport

For a small airport, Valencia Airport offers an impressively large selection of low budget airlines. Here are links to the major no frills airlines operating out of Valencia Airport, with information on where they fly to and small descriptions of the companies.


Easyjet offer flights from London Gatwick Airports to Valencia. Easyjet are known to be one of the cheapest low budget airlines, whilst also remaining relatively reliable. If you are flying from the south of England to Valencia, you should weigh up the costs of flying with either Easyjet or Ryan Air (see below).

Web: Official Easyjet website

Ryan Air

RyanAir is one of the cheapest budget airlines. It is often the case that they fly to the airports that are slightly further from the destination city e.g. flights for Barcelona can also go to Girona or Reus which are over 100 km outside of Barcelona. However, in the case of Valencia you will be able to fly directly to Valencia Airport which is only a 15 minute metro journey from the city centre.

RyanAir offer flights from Valencia to over 30 destinations. These destination include Barcelona, Bristol, Dublin, Ibiza, London Stansted, Madrid, Milan, Seville and Rome.

Web: Official Ryan Air Website


Vueling Airlines are a company who are not yet particularly well known outside of Spain. They are a Catalan company who offer cheap flights as well as impressive standards of service. If you are looking for slightly more leg room and less sales pitches during your flight, you might want to consider Vueling over Easyjet or Ryan Air.

Vueling offers flights from Valencia to Amsterdam. Brussels, Ibiza, Milan, Paris and Rome.

Web: Official Vueling website

Tip It is worth remembering that, as low budget airlines become increasingly popular, other airlines are having to compete to stay in the market. For this reason, it is also worth seeing whether any of the other airlines that are not listed on this page have any good flight deals. To see the full list of all airlines operating out of Valencia Airport, see our Guide to Flights to Valencia Airport.

Finding a cheap flight to or from Valencia should prove to be relatively simple. For a small airport, Valencia Airport offers an impressive selection of low budget airline options. Aim to book as far in advance as possible and be as flexible as you can be with dates - hopefully you'll find a flight that will leave you with ample spending money for your trip.

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