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A street in Valencia old town
A street in Valencia old town

Valencia is one of the most vibrant, forward thinking and cosmopolitan cities in Spain. It is the country's third largest city and has a heritage, culture and nightlife to rival the best cities in Europe.

Much of your time in Valencia is likely to be spent in the old town - El Carmen. This area is the home of important buildings including the cathedral, the art deco food market and the ceramics museum. It is also the place to head for a spot of Valencia's famously good shopping opportunities. And if you are in the mood for a night out on the tiles, the small streets surrounding the cathedral are jam-packed with small bars, tapas joints and clubs.

Valencia is very proud of its dedication to forward thinking architecture and cultural projects. The world famous City of Arts and Sciences has to be seen to be believed. It is a cultural centre stretching over 2 km and made up of buildings and open spaces that look like they are straight out of a science fiction film.

Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences
Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences

The city is also a wonderful place to head if you fancy relaxing in the outdoors. Not only does it boast 13 km of golden sandy beaches, there are also parks and gardens throughout the city offering tranquility and beauty. The riverbed of the River Turia has been dried out and now offers 9 km of parks and botanical gardens that cut right through the heart of the city. The Valencia Bioparc is a zoo unlike any other, designed to feel as though you have been air-dropped into the heart of Africa.

Whatever you look for in a holiday, Valencia will have what you are after.

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